BREAKING NEWS: Volcano Erupts, Hurricane Building to Cat.3, Typhoon Leaves 16 Dead

Each of these events does apply to my predicted 28 day window related to Aug. 21st solar eclipse. Once again, I would like to be able to say we’re done, but we simply are not there yet. There are 12 days left to this window and I am quite sure there are more to come.

Regarding earthquakes: I am monitoring my maps closely and all indications suggest there is a high potential for 6.0 or larger to the US west coast, Mexico, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and I cannot rule out the Yellowstone area.

BREAKING NEWS: Mexico’s Popocatépetl Volcano Erupts

Popocatépetl volcano began its rumbling on Monday with intermittent burst of ash. Today it erupted with a volcanic plume reaching altitudes upwards of 4 kilometers (2.5 miles). Authorities warned the public not to approach the volcano or crater due to risk of falling “ballistic fragments.”

Located in central Mexico, the volcano erupted suddenly and was visible from Mexico City, only 70 km away. Ashes have fallen on several localities near the volcano, but no major injuries or damage have been reported.

Typhoon Hato Leaves 16 Dead As 27,000 Evacuated In China

Powerful Typhoon Hato had brought widespread destruction to the city of Macau and nearby Hong Kong on Wednesday, and continues to lash China’s southern Guangdong province on Thursday. This is the strongest storm to hit parts of southern China in half a century leaving 16 people dead, dozens injured and forcing tens of thousands to be evacuated from their homes.

Authorities in China “called for efforts to guard against geographical disasters such as mountain floods and landslides”, Xinhua state news agency said. Up to 30cm of rain was expected in some parts of Guangdong and the neighboring Guangxi province as the storm passed through. Eight people were killed in mainland China due to the storm, Chinese state broadcaster CCTV said, while another eight also died in Macau.


BREAKING NEWS: “Harvey” Now Hurricane – Projected To Be ‘Major Hurricane’ – Mandatory Evacuation Ordered

Tropical Storm Harvey has been upgraded to hurricane status and is rapidly strengthening to become a “major hurricane” when it hits the middle Texas coast, the National Hurricane Center said late Thursday morning.

“Major hurricane” means Category 3 (winds of at least 111 mph or higher), according to the center. Previously, the storm was projected to reach Category 1 status. Texans are filling sandbags, stocking up on water and boarding up windows ahead of Tropical Storm Harvey, a system that could develop into a hurricane by Friday.


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Coming Next: It doesn’t look like civil disturbance will be ceasing any time soon.

Author: Mitch Battros

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