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This year we are shifting to a new practice of conveyance which is best suited to reach a greater number of people who seek our specialized service. I believe it to be the right direction and perhaps reflect our current challenges.

Now in existence for over 20 years beginning in August 1995, first as ‘Earth Changes TV’ presenting a “live” broadcast in Seattle, then shipped to six States and three Countries. In 2003 changed to ‘Earth Changes Media’ which covers a broader area of correspondence such as radio, podcast and newsletter and now to Science of Cycles. Along the way, I have received endorsements for my studies from some of the highest ranking officials in the fields of astronomy, geophysical, and ancient text historians. See Endorsements Here

1998 Equation:equation_1998

It has always been my mission to convey to as many as possible what I have serendipitously been granted access to the most brilliant minds in the world. By sheer luck (or perhaps something more divine) I was in the right place, at the right time, and with the right questions sending me on a journey of discovery which often goes beyond the pale.

Those following my work over the years may have noticed the evolution of my research. I have gone beyond the Sun-Earth connection – and now focused on our galaxy (Milky Way) and its interactive connection with our Sun. In most ways, it closely resembles the connection between our Sun and Earth. In a word…it always comes back to “Cycles”.

2012 Equation:
 new_equation 2012_m

I am now seeking sponsorship to assist in maintaining my research and making this information available free to all. Whether it is someone who is interested to learn about astronomy or for those wondering about our environment – or for those who just stumbled upon these new exciting discoveries. And of course for those who may see a deeper understanding of our connection to Earth, Sun, Galaxy and Universe.

With your assistance this venture will become a reality. Whether it is just you, or 50 more just like you, the goal is the same. That is to cover just one year expenses with our goal of $60,000. As a sponsor, you will have unlimited advertisement in any way we can. Banners on our website, shout-outs when doing radio shows, announcements on our newsletters. Also, if you wish to be more of behind-the-scenes, we can certainly acknowledge your wishes as well.

I will be updating the amount of donations every day and will update the donations page over the weekend. Perhaps there is one or two of you who received an unexpected (or expected) windfall and we can accomplish this goal expeditiously in short order.

Cheers, Mitch Battros


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Mitch Battros and Science of Cycles Research Sponsorship Fundraiser

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