(Cont’d) My View on Global Warming vs Warming Globe

The term global warming has changed from a noun to an adjective. This is to say it no longer is used to describe a globe that is warming, but instead the term now defines a manipulated preconceived notion that anthropogenic pollution IS global warming. What has happened here is not new, it is a very effective method usually used in military conflicts. In its dressed down form it is a mechanism contrived to win the ‘hearts and minds’ of the general public, and in this case several scientists as well.

Research needs money – and as it is with most agencies and universities, it comes in the way of grants. The exception are those as myself, we struggle to maintain our ability to continue research, but we are also able to maintain our integrity without being directed by the money handlers (usually cloaked – wouldn’t want any bad press). Yes, I am saying – as it pertains to this discipline – science has been seized by politics. We have been ushered into a false choice, for example: “The debate is over. You are either a supporter of global warming, or you are a polluter.” (Al Gore)  Sound familiar? We heard this in 2003 when a similar statement was made. “You’re either with me, or you’re with the terrorist.” (George W Bush)

Does pollution contribute to a warming climate? Research does suggest yes, however, there is absolutely no consensus as to what percentage. Is it 1%, 10% or more…I have no reservation in telling you it certainly is not anthropogenic meaning 100%. My research along with others, indicate the vast majority is natural, furthermore, it is cyclical. Does this mean it is okay to pollute? Absolutely not; and it also means if by some magical scenario all pollution were to stop or disappear tomorrow – Earth would continue to have warming and cooling trends, some of which would be extreme  and most would fall into a range of medium.

To no surprise, it comes down to money. Do we chase a red herring spending billions on prevention? Or do the billions go for preparedness? If the politics over global warming were to mysteriously evaporate, then perhaps there could be some method of using resources in both directions. But the way it is now there will continue to be the issuing of ‘false choice’. Some examples of coexisting preparedness and measured prevention would be Innovation Biodegradable Engineering and Permaculture.

It looks like this article needs to have a third part.   More Coming…..


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